Colonic Irrigation is in my opinion the best, fastest, natural and easy detox or colon cleanse that there is. Colon Hydrotherapy flush’s significant amounts of debris (using only water) that the body just can’t seem to get out, and it does it in a short amount of time (40 or so minutes). This debris can be a multitude of items such as old dried impacted stool, mucous and candida. Digested foods must be moving through the colon at a normal pace, or they start to back up and cause trouble such as constipation and gut dysbiosis (also called Leaky Gut by some). Bowel movements should be 2-3 times a day- and more importantly they should make you feel like you truly have moved everything out of you. If you do not go 2-3 times a day, you do have a sluggish colon, and more stool in you than you should- therefore, yes you need a colonic. So, if you have searched for Colonics near me- you are at the right place! Come visit our beautiful spa like setting- we promise that the act of receiving a colonic is truly comfortable and not embarrassing. Our spa like clinic in SE Wisconsin (just 2 minutes from NE Lake County- Antioch, Illinois) will put you at ease and help bring out your inner vitality.