At Antidote, we are often asked how we might be able to assist people with their weight loss journey. As a person who has always dealt with the battle of the bulge, I understand the constant search for a fix. And we do have several techniques and modalities to help, however, there is still no magic bullet for weight loss like some facilities would love you to fall for. Here is what Antidote can do for you if you are interested in putting the effort forth to live the most vibrant life that you can!

  1. Starting with a full series of colonics (6) to safely detox the colon. These toxins can weigh you down both physically and mentally. To further increase the safe colon and liver detox, we will do a coffee enema afterward on #2-6.
  2. Holistic Nutrition Sessions to identify what clean path of food choices you should be making to assist in weight loss. Note this is not a one size fits all category- everybody is different, and this is not a calories in calories out or a chemical laden food model. We do this as cleanly as possible.
  3. Healing Touch Energy Sessions- sometimes what we need has nothing to do with less food and more exercise to lose weight. Sometimes it’s buried deep within us, sometimes it’s simply the rat race of life, whatever it may be- Healing Touch sessions will help center you, keep you focused and feeling at peace.
  4. Infrared Sauna Sessions. This is truly a great detox and calorie burn! Infrared saunas burn 400-600 calories in a 30 minute session, detoxify the whole body and so much more. A great adjunct to a healthy detox and lifestyle!