Cancers of the digestive tract are not something that most of us care to think about- but we need to get real with our selves and start to take a personal role in preventing disease within our body. Colorectal and esophageal cancers may be largely preventable with a good diet. Most people have a 1 in 20 chance of developing colorectal cancer…here’s a few things you can do to push your chances in a more favorable direction.

  1. Consume more Turmeric. Turmeric plays a role in preventing cancers of the GI tract by diminishing the number of polyps in the colon.
  2. Ingest foods high in Quercitin- such as red onions and grapes. The Quercitin coupled with the Turmeric does a double whammy on those who have a genetic disposition to Colorectal cancer.
  3. Consume Phytates…what are those you may ask? These are compounds found in the seeds of plants- think whole grains, nuts, seeds and beans that detoxify free radicals that are formed when we consume meat. Phytates have been shown to inhibit colon, breast, cervix, skin, pancreatic, liver and prostate cancers….do I need to say more??? It doesn’t need to be huge quantities- 1/4 cup of beans with a meal with meat will do the trick. And don’t go overboard on phytates- I’ll explain more of that in a later post
  4. Fiber, fiber, fiber. Here at Antidote, our favorites come from veggies, fruits and beans. Please avoid Psyllium Fiber- it can bind you up!
  5. Eat less meat- and shockingly white meat is worse than red meat. Eat your beans with meat- see #3
  6. Dehydrated strawberries for anyone who is predisposed to esophageal cancers. A pound a day- yes it’s a lot- but it’s tasty!
  7. Probiotics- increase the ratio of good bacteria in the colon to ward off diseases. Supplementation, Kombucha, kefir etc
  8. Reduce sugar- do I need to say more? Sugar feeds cancer plain and simple- don’t feed something that you don’t want!
  9. Increase your clean water consumption- get that body hydrated, and it helps move waste through the system.
  10. Reduce stress, get some sleep and move that body. I know easier said than done! You need to make your health and mental sanity a priority, your body repairs itself when you are deep in sleep. Turn off the computer, the tablet etc! Learn how to cope with stress, or even better- figure out how to eliminate a portion of it. And whenever you can move that body around!