Thermo WHAT? Thermography Services will be offered by Jenny Steger from the Longevity Center of Wisconsin here at your favorite cleansing clinic on Monday, January 30th in the morning. This is a screening you can not miss. Thermography is a painless, non invasive, radiation free tool to assess the inflammation in the body. She uses a specialized digital camera to detect heat patterns/vascular patterns in the body. Then an interpreting MD will provide you with a report on areas of dysfunction and inflammation. I whole heartedly believe this is necessary for everyone- I have had the whole body scan as well as my hubby and 3 children due to my constant concern of tumors growing without us knowing it! The visual representation of what is going on in the inside the body is spectacular!

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Thermography is great for women in regards to breast health, dense or fibrocystic breasts, but also for a host of other maladies. From Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, TMJ, Ligament and Muscle Tears, Nervous System Disorders and even Whiplash.