How not to get sick… Illness occurs in the body due to many external conditions, several out of our control.  Polluted air, chemicals in household furniture, even that new car smell we all adore- truly are toxic to the body. Vague symptoms such as brain fog, low energy and joint pain all signify the start of illness, or possibly high levels of toxins residing in the tissues of our body. We experience distress when our organs can not clean themselves out fast enough. To address this burden on the body, Cynthia is going to lead us in our February Cleanse:  Make me Vibrant – February 11th at 10am- details below.  Join us for 3 weeks to a healthier and  more vibrant you! As we start preparing for the cleanse I wanted to give you a list of recommendations to decrease the toxic load on your body. In no particular order- do your best with the following:

EAT ORGANIC! * Stop Using Non-Stick Pans * Use natural make up * Use vinegar and baking soda as cleaning agents * Stop drinking out of plastic bottles * EAT ORGANIC! * Invest in a reverse osmosis water filter * Stop eating artificial anything * Turn your wi-fi off at night * Think twice about taking non necessary pharmaceutical drugs * EAT ORGANIC! * Stop using non natural perfumes

Here at Antidote, we want you to have a body that radiates good health and energy- because life is too short to not feel your best. Join Tricia and her staff as they continue on their quest to make 2017 your best year yet! 

Here’s what the cleanse Includes:

1. All Supplementation needed.
2. Private Facebook group with new information and ideas daily.
3. 1/2 hour session with the Nutritionist.
4. $25 credit towards Antidote’s other detoxing Modalities
5. Kick start Meeting on Saturday February 11th at 10am- Cleanse itself Starts on February 15th.
6. Lots more surprises up our sleeves!
Program cost $350- Call 262-298-5055 to reserve your spot!