Tricia’s top take away’s from Dr. Micheal Gregor’s book How Not to Die…

As you know, I’m a total nerd when it comes to learning about your health- especially the colon.  Just ask my family, it’s not uncommon for me to ask them about their bowel habits at the dinner table (the sighs and rolling of the eyes from the teenagers is fantastic)! And people seek me out to tell me about their TMI topics in regards to the loo… I’ve heard more stories about bowel habits in a month than most hear in a lifetime! So, since March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month- so there’s no better time for me to summarize Dr. Micheal Gregor’s writings on preventing the 2nd most common cause of cancer death in the US.

  1. Your intestines blanket literally 1000’s of square feet… The SAD (Standard American Diet) can take food 4-5 days from plate to toilet. The high vegetable, high fiber, no meat diet takes 1-2 days to make the same trip… Now, think of the interface that your intestines have with nutrition…or with or toxins. Are you bathing your intestines in health… or promoting illness?  Choose what passes your lips carefully!

2. There are a few scientifically proven foods to assist your body with decreasing your risk of developing colorectal  cancer. Eat them often- coupled with other high nutrient clean vegetables, fruits and so on. If it can spoil it is considered food- if it can sit on a shelf for years- it is considered ‘food like product’ read: chemical storm and leave it there.

  •  Eat Turmeric: It greatly reduces the precursor to polyps and polyps themselves. More effective when coupled   with Quercitin.
  •  Quercitin: A powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging nutrient. Found in Apples, Red Wine, Peppers, Cruciferous Veggies,  Onions, Citrus fruits, Ancient Whole Grains, Green Tea, Beans and Asparagus.
  •  Phytates: A fantastic and infamous inhibitor of certain free radicals. Consume all sorts of beans, legumes, ancient whole grains, lentils, hummus, seeds and nuts. 

3. Reduce your Meat Consumption- and shockingly chicken and fish are more detrimental to your colon than red meat. If you choose to eat meat- throw a 1/2 cup of beans in the meal and add a salad!

      4. Up that Fiber! Best to get it from whole foods, I was taught that it gives the colon something to resist against when pushing stool out of the body, thus making the colon stronger. A strong colon makes you a happier person, I promise!

And the final thought that scared me just a bit…..

If a high meat/low vegetable diet is consumed, your risk of cancer in the colon increases 8 fold!!!  
Dr. Micheal Gregor