Coffee for an enema. Yes, you read that correct! A coffee enema may sound crazy, and given the fact that it is an enema you may think that it is for your colon- but its larger, more magnificent detoxifying properties are for the all mighty, ever important and screaming for attention Liver! Coffee Enemas are so beneficial for the body that they were once in the Merck Manual for Physicians to prescribe, only to be taken out for spacing issues. The portals of the liver are stimulated by the acid in the specialty coffee, allowing the liver to cleanse and dump its bile loaded with toxins-rapidly. This is an incredibly safe and fast way to detoxify the liver. When the liver is burdened and no longer able to expel its waste-the result is a fatty liver.

How is it performed you may ask?  After receiving a colonic session to clear a pathway for the coffee, the organic specialty coffee is inserted into the colon via a small tube. You will be lying on your left side to insert the coffee, then roll to the right side so that portals of the liver can be stimulated by your favorite cuppa joe! You will stay relaxing on your side for up to 15 minutes allowing your liver to release the toxins. Soothing music is playing- it’s a great time for meditation or a nap! When time is up, you will go to the bathroom and expel the remainder of the coffee. This is a very calming procedure, as the caffeine behaves differently when taken in this form vs. orally. People report feeling far more energetic, that a sluggish feeling has left them and more! You will love it once you try it!

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