Need to reduce belly bloat fast for an upcoming event? Does your wedding dress require WD-40 to get into? Spring break swim suit show a little more muffin top than the local bakery? Antidote Wellness Therapies has a quick (little over 2 weeks) yet efficient program for you to jump start weight loss and banish belly bloat. How we do this:

1. We start with hitting Multiple Detoxification Pathways:

  • Think Metabolic Cleanse- get the gunk out of the liver and more! You will receive a 15 day supply of shockingly tasty cleansing shakes. This is how Tricia jump started her 50 lb weigh loss!
  • Detoxing the body with a whopping 400 – 600 calorie burn per 1/2 hour IR Sauna Session- it detoxes the body and leaves you feeling relaxed by lowering your cortisol levels- and I can’t wait to tell you about the crazy benefits it has for your heart! You will receive 6 of them in this pkg!
  • Move the junk through the system to filter it out with technology inspired by NASA! This is a fast and easy lymph detox. You receive 6 sessions in this pkg!

2. Ramp up Nutrition

 Antidote’s Nutritional Therapist guides you with your food choices both during and after the cleanse. Were NOT talking counting calories! We are talking about what makes your belly blow up like a balloon at a 3 year olds birthday party!

3. Shake that Groove Thing

Time with one of our favorite personal trainers- Kathy Schick! She will show you how to torch calories so that you get maximum effects with as little time as possible! Click here to visit Kathy’s website. You receive 1 session with your pkg.

We took $50 off the price to make it even easier for you- making the whole package $399. Have a group of 5 or more join us and you earn a special gift from Antidote! If you don’t live in Southeast WI or  Northeast IL and can’t make it into the clinic for your Personal Training Session, or  Sauna Lymph Treatments- we can mail the detox info and products to you for $169. Just note though that the benefits will be wonderful- but not as amplified as it is only 1/2 of the program.

Click here for more information or better yet- call us! Tricia (Owner and CCT) or Cynthia (Nutritional Therapist) will be happy to answer any questions that you have! 262.298.5055