Cynthia explains her role as a Nutritional Therapist: “A Nutritional Therapist is a new paraprofessional certified to do Functional Evaluations to make nutritional recommendations to balance body chemistry and achieve optimal wellness. Nutritional Therapists know that health is built on certain biochemical Foundations (Digestion, Blood Sugar Balance, Mineral Balance, Fatty Acid Balance & Hydration). Nutritional Therapist know that a properly prepared, nutrient-dense diet of whole foods provides the ultimate foundation leading to optimal health. Nutritional Therapists know that weaknesses in The Foundations (Digestion, Blood Sugar Balance, Mineral Balance, Fatty Acid Balance & Hydration) lead to the degenerative health problems that plague the modern world. Nutritional Therapists know that there are other important factors for health outside the scope of nutritional therapy (electromagnetic, energetic, emotional, structural)”.
Nutritional Therapists use several tools to answer three BIG questions for every client: Is there a deficiency or imbalance? Will a particular nutrient work for that client? When is the client sufficient? An Initial Interview, Food Journal, Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, Functional Evaluation & Lingual-Neuro Testing tools provide the information needed to create a customized program for our clients.