By Cynthia Hill, Prairie Hill Nutrition at Antidote Wellness Therapies

1. Give Yourself Permission! The holidays are meant to be enjoyed and food is a large part of that. Denying or stressing over every food choice is a recipe for overindulgence later.

2. Have a Plan. If you are going to a party later, make sure that your breakfast and lunch are healthier that day.

3. Eat before you go. Have a small meal with a balance of proteins/fats/good carbs so that you are not famished when you get there.

4. Stay hydrated. Don’t mistake hunger for thirst. Tip: Put pomegranate seeds, cranberries, orange slices and a cinnamon stick into water and you will be amazed at how much more you drink!

5. Fill up on healthy choices. Eat your salad, veggies and fruit first.

6. CHEW! CHEW! CHEW! Really taste and appreciate the flavors. Chewing is essential for the digestive system, and helps you feel full sooner.

7. Scan the food. Only eat choices that you are really excited to see.

8. Balance, Balance, Balance. To avoid blood sugar crashes are you going to have the cranberry martini or the cookies? If you have both, you are more destined for a crash- which will trigger hunger cravings later on.

9. Portions. Take small amounts and savor them.

10. Move your body. Get some activity in before you go, or go for a walk after the meal. Ask if anyone wants to join you- they need it too!

Keep in mind that if you “blow it” that is ok. It is only 1 day! One day of less than desirable eating does not undue the rest of the time that you eat well. And above all, have fun; enjoy your family and friends. Show yourself some love!